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Sunday, July 1, 2012


Hopefully this will be my next tattoo on my arm underneath "patience".  But that's another story.

Today and for days to come I'm working at a used bookstore called "Blue Crab Books"

For a mere 10 - 12 hours a month of work relief for the owner, Anne,  I've been given the honor of setting up my studio right here...

...against the window full of light and surrounded by books that in some cases are over 100's of years old and signed by the author's themselves.  She's even letting me bring Grady in to look at comic books.  His favorite, while I work :-)

Here's my bench I found at a thrift store for $25.00

I exchanged the original handles for World Market awesome hand painted knob handles! 

Anne and I get along seamlessly.  She's elegant and to the point.  It's the perfect "I get you, you get me" combination.  And whilst I work I hear every kind of music there is on this earth.  Just like the eclectic collection of books she has.  She's just neat.

It gets even better:

Next door there is a place called DKS Designs

They are a brand new boutique in York Village and were offering vendor space.  For a much minimal rent compared to my previous gallery I'm given a nice eye drawing spot in the shop.  The woman who owns the place, Debra, is also cool, laid back, easy to get along with, and not a hint of intimidation or snobbery.  These two places are my mecca, my place where I belong.  Working along side people who believe being pushy sales people is just poor sales.  They believe that the vintage clothes, bags, shoes, books, or in my case handmade jewelry are not tacky, but beautiful and should be brought back to life.

I hope to be here at York Village for a very long time.  I mean that from the bottom of my heart. 

Here's a quick few shots of what we've worked on in both shops in the past two days; besides the desk set up.

I created the earring cards as well.  First impressions...

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