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Thursday, June 21, 2012

How to filet a fish

 So you've caught a fish.  It's legal size to take home.  Buuuuut... now what?  Well here's what!

 Clean your cutting board with anti-bacterial dish soap.  You'll want your biggest cutting board since the fish you're about to filet is probably close to 2 feet long.

 Rinse the fish thoroughly.
Sharpen your knife.  It's imperative that you have a filet knife and that it's SHARP!

 Insert the knife at the top of the "spine" and cut down

 all the way to and through the tail.

 Take your knife and begin to scrape down the side of the fish.  

 Keep scraping! You're almost done!

Scrape till you feel the stomach.  You'll know it when the knife hits a squishy spot, but don't don't don't cut into the stomach!

 Now it's time to cut down the fish right above his fin.

Finish your cut by cutting flush against the side releasing your first filet from the fish.

Rinse your fish again.  Blood will come out continuously but it eventually slows down.

Sharpen your knife again!  I can't tell you how many times my husband sharpened the knife, maybe four or more.

 Repeat the process on the other side.

 As close as you can, cut the skin off the fish filet.

 You might have bits and pieces of skin remaining, just cut those off as well.

Feel for bones!  This too is important!  Press with pressure on your filets to feel for bones and cut them out.
Lastly, the red on the fish turns grey in the oven.  This is the funk that tastes "fishy".  With a "V" cutting formation, cut out the red as much as possible. 

After your "V", cut down the red until it's off.

Voila!  You're finished!  It will taste fabulous.  Better than any fish from the store I assure you!

 Tips from the angler:

"Take your time."
"Keep your knife sharp."
"You'll get better with practice."

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