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Monday, July 30, 2012

Hot Summer

Here's the Jeepers stuck in the sand.  She's a trooper.
This summer has been the hottest of recent memory.  We've had weeks of stammering heat in summer's past, but certainly not a MONTH of God awful heat!  I would absolutely go somewhere indoors instead of out, however, me being slightly stubborn (slightly exaggerating), I've kept my 95' Jeep Grand Cherokee devoid of A/C instead of utilizing a vehicle that keeps me cool!  I have a sentimental attachment to my Jeep.

We play kickball outside for little bits at a time. 

And I've found a super love of cooking food!  Fitting that I'm pregnant.  But lately I've been on a German food kick!

What's great about these recipes is that they have similar ingredients.  Making grocery shopping EASY and cheap!

I made Hackbraten.  Probably the best meatloaf I've ever eaten in my LIFE.  And I've eaten some damn good meatloaf in my day.


Spinach Salat

I've had "spinach salad with warm bacon dressing" at parties and family get togethers but couldn't figure out what in the world was in the dressing that made it so good!  Turns out it's SUGAR!  Lots and lots of sugar!  ... :-/


Potato Pancakes.  How can you go wrong?  Honestly?

And later this week; Jagerschnitzel.

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