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Monday, June 18, 2012

An Incredible Father

We have a tiny family but there's billowing amounts of love in our home.  As Grady has aged we've been able to talk to him more, making conversation engaging.  We are learning more and more about who Grady is from his own words.  I believe this has made Terry and Grady super close, especially since this year.  Grady is going through a stage where he's confessing his undying love for us everyday.  He will literally skip playing just to "love on you".  We of course eat this up!  This past week these are his words about his father:

"He's just so perfect and awesome cool!"
"I miss my Daddy because he's always at work and I miss him."

These two bring me so much happiness and joy.  I mean, just look at their faces.  Goofy, mischievous, unique and brilliant.  Absolutely brilliant.  

Terry's parenting ways are tough, but jam packed with love.  He holds Grady in high expectations and doesn't doubt his abilities whatsoever.  As a Marine, his voice is powerful, easily getting Grady's attention.  He's always very protective of him.  He teaches him manly things and they even have a man day.  I've taught Grady to be super compassionate, loving, gentle and considerate of others.  Terry teaches him to believe in himself, be responsible for his actions, "there is no try, only do", and to constantly be aware of his surroundings.

We're raising a confident young man who appreciates the small things.  I try not to be proud, but of our son, I cannot help myself.  I hold Terry in great esteem as well and know that as Grady ages he's getting taught how to be a man.  A real man.  As a mother, I'm beyond grateful for his ability to be an incredible father.

To all father's who hold their children in high regard and put them first above their own wants and needs, you are, in my opinion, truly exceptional.  You are what separates a male parent of human offspring from the legendary greatness that lives on to the next generation.  Thank you for raising great children.

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