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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I Love Food!!!!!!


I do.

Now that I'm older I can say this without worry of judgement.  I look forward to eating and cooking... and truth be told... taking pictures of what I've made.  Food is pretty.  I have a fresh market right in front of my house called Dean and Don's.

not my picture
this one isn't either

I ride my bright orange cruiser bike there all the time with a Swiss Army back pack and always end up buying more than I should.  It's just so pretty!!!!  Fruits and veggies stacked on top of each other in massive barrels apparently makes me purchase without concern.

So I make a lot of food to compensate for my extensive purchases!  And being a photographer lover, I take pictures of that food.  And being a food lover I eat that food!  Then I realize I've got to make another bike ride to the fresh market.  It's a viscous cycle.

Lemon sale??  Lemonade YES!
Homemade guacamole with their awesome avocados.  I don't care that they're chock full of calories.  It's a fruit so the pros must outweigh the cons.  It must!

Snap green beans, red potatoes and a side of bacon.  This is a combination that no Southerner is stranger to.
Homemade Vegetable Stock.  It's super easy and makes a big difference in taste.  Use up those left over veggies and BOIL!  Then pour into Ball jars. 
I don't bake much, because I'm not good at it... but this bread is easy and can be sweeten or salty.  Anything tastes good with it.  I call it "I can't bake.  Flat bread".
We're a snacking family.  Especially Terry.  He'll look in the fridge and if it can't be thrown together in 5 mins then "There's nothing to eat!!!".  Try baguette slices and chevre. (goats cheese).  Basil gives it a kick in the right direction too.    ALKJASFKJA;LKDFJALKJDF;AKLJDSFK
Brie, crackers (of good quality) and McCutheon's Strawberry - Raspberry Preserves.  If it's French, it's probably awesome.  Honestly.

Whoa.  A shot of Dad's Clean Your Plate Buttermilk Pancakes.  This is a rare view.  Normally they're annihilated immediately upon setting them on a table.

Makes mouths happy!!!  Even sneaky Dachshunds. 

Alright, so this last shot was thrown in because I think 5 year old anything = cute.  

side note:  my boy is wearing underpants. 

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