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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Torn Hands

Sentiments of "It's hard to get a job out there" and "It wasn't meant to be" have been thrown my way upon news of not getting the job I think would be perfect for me.  A studio photographers assistant.  I got word yesterday that as hard of a choice as it was, they went for the another applicant.

So there it is.
I'm starting to think it's not due to the economic times.  It's me.  I'm told by so many to keep making jewelry.  But nothing is selling.  I do attribute that to the economic times.

And my hands are hurting.  I adore using my hands.  In fact I think that is my calling.  One of my favorite jobs was when I was a stagehand and it was all about manual labor.  But manual labor takes its toll.  Luckily making jewelry effects only my hands and eyes and not my entire body.  However I am experiencing some pain.

 sawed and filed fingers
 chemical burn
 calloused finger tips and imprints of silver edges
 hang nails, dirty nails

I can't seem to stop making though.  Today I made two very gaudy but gorgeous pieces.  They're Cleopatra pieces.  Very unlike my usual style, but the stones needed to be set.  They've been sitting in my collection for over a year.  I always loved looking at them but I could never think how I would make them into something I would want to put my name on.  

Cleopatra Citrine Ring
Brass hieroglyphics
Massive stone (taken by GBR)

Cleopatra Amber Necklace

Beaded border and necklace strand used by infamous David Yurman
I tried to look regal and elegant, but Terry made me laugh. So not Cleopatra. (taken by TLR)

I'm happiest when I'm making jewelry.  I think it's pretty obvious to everyone who knows me.  But it doesn't work when it's not selling.  I need to market myself better.  I'm not good at touting my work.  Any ideas?

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