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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

nature not technology

We went to Corova, NC this weekend.  (*update* a month ago...)

You have to drive 9 1/2 miles down the beach and over massive dunes, bank curbs, avoid "puddles" (ponds) and navigate with no lighting at night.  The stars overhead reveal their infinity and some nights you can even see galaxies.  

The noise at night is LOUD.  Crickets, wind, CRICKETS!!!!!!! And then there are the screams of the horses.  These aren't civilized neighs.  These are un-stable-ized horses.  Haha!  Yeah, I laughed at that for about a minute, crack myself up.  

No really.  They scream.  I can't describe it other than when I heard the first horse neigh, it was at night and I thought he was dying.  It sounds like they are in agonizing pain.  They're the Aborigines of the horse world.
We had no cell service.  We had no internet.  I wasn't annoyed, I was calmer.  I took things slower.
This is such a natural way of living.  No lights at night.  No phone attached to hand.  Hearing nature so loud, because they are present.  With you. 

I was very happy and cannot wait to go back.  Here goes a lot of pictures.  I geeked out with the camera.






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