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Monday, October 10, 2011

black fingers

Jack Rabbit Necklace

Jack Rabbit up close and personal

Proud momma, proud maker.
My fingers went black after this piece.  That's when I knew it was good.  The tips began their callous repairs, and my nails...well, no real metal-smith has nice nails.  They're usually smothered in overgrown skin, dirt under the tips, chewed sections just to get that dead skin from hanging off.  Yeah.   That's the nitty gritty.  That's what I love about this work.

The beauty of the the piece.
The ugliness of the nails.
The pictures, my God, the pictures of the finished product.

Butterflies fill my heart.

1 comment:

Joasia said...

Ohmygosh, Kelly, ohmygosh, that last picture of you...oh wow. That's basically all I can say. You...RADIATE. It's absolutely breath-taking! Wow. I think the joy of your finished product must've been fresh with you because it shows all over your face, shining inward out :D