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Friday, August 5, 2011

Up Lift and Shark Attack

Double Citrine Up Lift Ring  
Because sometimes you need that reminder to be lifted up from your troubles and lit from within
Sugalite Shark Attack Ring
 This ring has been attacted by a shark!
Beaten and eaten

Lordy have things been nuts here.  Me!  I have gotten so used to have anxiety in my stomach and chest for these past three years that I got used to it.  It finally became debilitating.  My stomach hurting so badly I would have to lay down and do nothing.  

I could only best explain it as "monster butterflies trying to escape from my belly out of my neck".  Imagine trying out for a play in front of hundreds.  That was the feeling I had everyday.  Not knowing that it was something treatable.  

For THREE years!!!

Finally I broke down from the overwhelmingness of it all (it's a word).  Went to the doctor and BAM!  Magic happens.  The doctor even got excited saying "Kelly, this is going to work, I'm just so happy for you because this explains everything!"  I couldn't understand why I was so phyically tired all the time, but internally, my mind would be RACING!  I could deconstruct physics in minutes and give you metaphors to boot.  But it left me restless, on edge, snappy!

Not the best mother/wife scenario.  

Anyway, today for the first time, I am calm.  


I forgot what it was like to feel this way.

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