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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bench Transition

 This... is where I used to work.  The garage.  The sweaty garage, infested with spiders, webs, cobwebs, and beetles.  They were my silver friends. (psuedo- friends, I should say)
 This is where I do my computer THANG.  Big beautiful desk, lovely view, air conditioning, ...
And here's the transistion!  A few adjustments here and there and BOOM!  All this time, it would have worked.  

The thing is, in this environment all I wan to do is create.  I'm not too concerned with blogging or taking pictures.  Part of making money in the jewelry business is actually photographing and listing the work.  But all I want to do is create create create!!!!  

My next blog will be showing quite a bit of work.  Encourage me to list it.  That would perhaps give me some kind of PUSH that I need. 

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