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Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I remember when I finally got my macro lens.  I looked at everything.  Everything seemed so beautiful in such detail.  More beautiful than what usually meets our eyes.  Ants must find this world to be breath-taking.   

Yesterday we took Grady into a large (LARGE) field to fly his new kite.  While Daddy and Grady flew the kite high into the air I picked, weeds.  Yes.  They were beautiful to me.  There's a line in the movie "Sense and Sensibility" where Willoughby says "I'm afraid I've picked these (weeds) from an obliging field."  They were beautiful in the movie too.  Detail in places that we seem to neglect.  

We should all be equipped with a macro lens in our eyes.  Although, we do have this ability.  Okay, perhaps, we should be equipped with the knowledge to stop and use our macro rods and cones.  

I've had jewelry supplies never used sitting around for years.  Like glass cabochons, brown leather cords and silver.  Scraps upon scraps of silver.  Sitting.  Collecting air age.
Back to the original story... I took these weeds and set them.  Using the glass cabs to magnify their beauty.  These are simply weeds and small flower petals.  So small.  A 1/4 size of your pinky finger.  

It took patience and slow breathing to set these.  Even if the breath out of my nose came out too strong the pieces would move.  

Everything was taken into consideration.  Now I just need the appropriate clasps.  And I need to make sure they don't fade quickly.  Here's hoping they don't. 

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Michelle said...

What a fantastic idea!!