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Monday, August 2, 2010

You're Special to Me!!!

Well!  Why have I gone so super anonymous times?!!!  Because I have applied for a teaching position at Holloman's School, and cannot have potential supervisors or parents of children I'm teaching or co-workers etc, etc, etc,  see me dropping the F-bomb, having an opinion, see me drink a beer (like the pic I lovingly chose above) or any other personal things be observed.  Except for YOU!!!!!  That means either 1.  I love you.  2.  I love you.  or  3.  I love you. 

If I DON'T get the job, I will go all kinds of public again.  But if you simply Google "Kelly Reece", my blog comes up second in the search engine!


Joasia said...

!!!! YOU APPLIED!! CONGRATS! That's awesome pants. Keep me posted, momma!!

Michelle said...

I'm honored :-) Aaaand I also like beer.

Good luck!