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Sunday, August 1, 2010

I Love to EAT!

When you're a girl, cooking meat can be intimidating. "That's the MAN's JOB!". Well... not really. We women can cook up some DANG good food. But when you've got da kiddies it's important to have fun food too. With my sister having her first babeh in September and being a newly newly wed...she wanted to know how I learned to cook.

So I wrote her an email with links and info about each place. She asked me to relay this email to you lovely people reading my blog!

Here it is!


Okay some cool places to go to get inspired! / learn stuffs!!!

~Elise Bauer
Man friendly, cook friendly. The only thing that hasn't "flied" (didn't want to say flown) is the chicken pasta with thyme mint cream sauce. Still, my favorite site above all else. Very realistic, and the chick is just chill and cool about food.

~Catherine McCord
Kid friendly, VERY hippie. As in, everything is super organic, they don't even drink juice from the store....kinda hippie.

~Ellie Krieger
I'm a big fan of hers. She's all about being healthy, but doesn't go overboard like weelicious lady up there. Some of her stuff isn't "to die for", but you walk away full, content, and know you've eaten a healthy meal. (Not very man friendly)

~Giada De Laurentis
Ah yes.... big boobies... big food. Very yummy! Super Duper Man Happiness!!!!

~Ina Garten
Her food is freakin awesome. She's got money though, so watch out. Her recipes will be simple simple simple and then some random must fly to Bavaria to find the ingredient thrown in. But it's damn good. Man friendly, sometimes kid friendly, and friendly to your thighs and butt!

Since you like to bake, a lot, you'll probably really like this site. The videos annoy me b/c she's from california and acts like ...like, like, like, you know? That gets old. But her blog entries are adorable. And her pancakes are rockin!!!!


New place I just found... but basically your portal to great food, great pictures, and new food blogs to obsess over!


basstardo said...

Giada has excellent personalities...errr...charisma. Yeah. That's it.

Joasia said...

AWESOME! Thanks for sharing this, dude :]

Today Brian and I made chicken-tortilla soup, courtesy of Cooks Illustrated (http://www.cooksillustrated.com/). They're great -- they really bring the science aspect into cooking/baking by reviewing various utensils, methods, etc. and actually TESTING recipes. And the soup? It came out soup-er!

Kelly Reece said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I love it!!! "soup-er" lolololol!!!!!! The goober-ier, the better!

Michelle said...

Oh come on!! I'm supposed to do laundry today and now I'm stuck in front of my computer, drooling, and reading all about food!!

This is awesome!