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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I miss you

Dear blog,

I miss you.  Truly.  I do miss the days of making jewelry, hanging out with Grady, dealing with a rickety old Jeep, and overall pondering of what am I going to do today? 

Today, tomorrow, and months ahead have plans.  They have schedules and deadlines. 

I used to think that time went by so painfully slowly.  But lately I've realized that "life" is happening all around me.  Literally. 

Alice and Justin are getting married.  Joanna has applied to grad school.  Christie and Brian are getting divorced.  Kids are starting the new school year.  Grady is starting his new school year. 


It's going by faster.  And faster.

I want it to slow down.  I'm missing my family, my hobbies, my beagles, my home. 

But I have to work.  I cannot be "the girl who never figured out what she wanted to be when she grew up".  That just sounds preposterous and pathetic.  Two p-words I dare not wish to associate with.

Anyway.  My job is a great job for now.  I can't complain.  But my fellow 3rd-4th grade teacher, Ms. Anna makes me want to shoot for stars!  But what if my stars are in a different galaxy than her stars?  I guess that's what I'm pondering tonight...

Here is my classroom.  It is important for you to see how HUGE it is.  Massive is more like it.  The ceilings are vaulted, the decorations done by the beautiful and Polish Ms. Anna, and I'm very happy with my environment and the ladies I work with so far.

I have twelve students:  9, 2nd Graders and 3, 5th Graders
The lovely cursive alphabet, all drawn with construction paper!
Super blurry, but my desk behind the kids.
A back to school owl!  Again, all drawn, cut, and detailed by Ms. Anna from construction paper.
Paint jars for pencils, markers, crayons, scissors, and cookie cutters??  Yeah.
The door to the playground and coat rack.

The school is great.  The carpet is hideous.  I'm still happy.  Just sorta, pondering with a job instead of at home!


Michelle said...

That is a huge classroom and a hideous carpet. Phew. Looks like a lot of work! I'm sure you'll find a way to make it all your own in your own galaxy :-)

Joasia said...
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Joasia said...

Look how awesome!!

Do you finally feel at home in your galaxy...or are your stars elsewhere?

And, yeah, dude...life IS happening. It always has been, but I guess the more we pile on our plates, the MORE it seems to happen. The weekends get booked, the week days too...and then it's a blur. Crazy.