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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The First Month

I 've finally completed my first month of teaching at Holloman's.  We hung up our Halloween decorations today so it really hit me how hard I've been working since my first couple of days.  But I don't want to talk about school...

Krista had her baby!  Baby Nathan Thomas Root.  He's a tiny guy.  6lbs 3oz.  He was born Sept. 11th so now that day will be Nathan's Birthday in my little world.

Terry and I have been some traveling fools.  Not really going far per say, just traveling every chance we get.  In the past month we've been to Nags Head, Charlottesville, Richmond, and Terry "competed" in a kayak fishing tournament last weekend.  

I really could use a break.  I don't know what to do though.  It's funny...I always want to be "left alone" or "time to myself" but when I get the opportunity (permission from Terry)  I end up saying "Okay, Grady you can come with me...!!!".  "I thought you wanted to be left alone!!"  "Well, I did, but Grady wants to go with me..."  I just can't turn him down for some reason.  When his little cuteness says "Mommy, can I go with you?"   Yeah Okay!!!

Other than all of this, I think it important to also say that work is all-consuming.  Especially when you're in your first  month of teaching.  I forgot how much time having a job takes.  I know that seems like such a stupid thing to say, 8 hours, duh-face!!!  I guess when I imagined having a job, it didn't take up that much time in my little imaginary world.

I need to put up recent pictures.


Michelle said...

Yes to recent pictures and yes to letting Grady tag along with you! The way I look at it, before we know it, they're not going to want to be pulled away from their computers and video games to leave the house with us! We gotta get it while we still can.

Travel sounds fun :-)

Take it easy, Mama! You don't want to burn out.

Michelle said...

And, HUGE CONGRATS to Krista :-) Welcome to parenthood. You're going to love it.

Joasia said...

Yeah...cos you're not only physically THERE for 8 hours out of your day, but it follows you home...you think about it, plan for it, wonder about it...so, the way I see it, if work is going to be taking up THIS much of one's time and head, it better be something one loves doing!

And I agree with Michelle -- don't burn out! Take time to relax, no matter how you do it: alone or goofin' around with the G-man :D