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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I got the Job!

It was pretty sweet.  I was basically hired on the spot.  She asked to pray about it, and talk to my husband first before accepting, but that she was extending the offer to me.  I'm very excited and WILL be taking the position as 2nd and 5th Grade teacher at Holloman's in Yorktown. The picture of me was taken by Terry about 30 mins before the interview.  I was excited, as you can tell.  I wish Terry got my shoes in the pictures... they're such cute ballet flats.
Grady is ecstatic about school, literally.  He talks about going several times a day, everyday.  He'll start August 23rd at the Lutheran school I used to teach at, which is when I start my new job.  Then go back to PEEP September 7, doing after school care at the Lutheran school.
 Things are working out very well.  I'm very excited about teaching again!  The best thing about teaching are the hours and that you get super excited about every holiday which I love.  Seasons are important to me as I age and I really enjoy celebrating and decorating the way only a teacher can. 
From here... there will be lots and lots for our family.  We will be able to pay sooo many school loans and extra debt off in less than 6 months and start saving for a new house.  Our goal is to be out of this house and into a newer larger home in about 2 years.  I wonder where we'll live?  Back to Williamsburg?  Poquoson?  Yorktown?  Who knows??!  It's all so exciting!!!  Our dreams seem in reach now.  Feels very good.  
And I get to teach again!!!!!!!!


Joasia said...

You already look like a little teacher in that picture -- I LOVE IT. Yay, you!! :D Exciting times for the Reeces! <3

GraceThoughts81 said...

very cute outfit! Target?

Michelle said...

Hahahaha OMG you're soooo excited I can feel it emanating through the picture!!! It makes me nervous for you. Congrats!!

Kelly Reece said...

TJ MAXX ladies!!! Everything you see. I'm taking Joanna's perspective and shopping there for EVERYTHING from now on. The prices can't be beat for what you get.

Joasia said...

OMG <333 TJ MAXX. So glad you have seen the light!! :D