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Monday, July 26, 2010

Yar!!! Treasure!!!

Yes... it's true. I feel like a pirate with Treasure! Shiver me timbers!!!! Okay so, what have we got?!
Green: Green Beryl
Light Green: Prehnite
Light Blue: Aquamarine
Purple: Amethyst
Light Pink: Rose Quartz
Dark Pink: Ruby
Blue: Sapphires and Apatite

Now I can make all kinds of beautiful things! If only the heat would die down so I can actually function in my garage.


Joasia said...

OMG look at that ruby! and green beryl! and aquamarine! and prehnite (duh)!! I WANT TO DUNK THESE IN MY COFFEE.

basstardo said...

You know why pirates are always angry?

They don't have ARRRR-conditioning!

Anyway, it's cooler...so get to gettin'! 90 beats 105 any day of the week!

Kelly Reece said...

very very true my love.

and jo...if gems were donuts...we'd allll be eating them... but at least we would be getting our minerals...