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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I Won't Be Listing...

You know... it's annoying to waste anything. But when it comes to crafting something; something that began as an idea at first and then morphed into an actual pendant and then came to being and then....... a sour look comes across my face with disappointment b/c it's not something I myself would wear.

Perhaps this happens to many art-like ladies. Personally, if I wouldn't wear it, I won't be listing it in the shop. I don't want to necessarily waste the silver and lapis lazuli stones either. But this isn't my style. If you happen to be interested in this piece, let me know. I will let it go at a very very appealing price.

In other news... I need to make more, more, more. I'm really wishing I had a rolling mill. They make prints onto silver sheets, meaning the silver could have an image on the back plate (under the ring, or pendant). However, rolling mills are between $400-600+ and we certainly cannot afford it.

I need to get back into the swing of things. I've got all these beautiful stones finally in my possession... what's my hold up?


Joasia said...

Dude -- a hammered chain?! I've never seen such a thing. It's awesome!

And I hear ya -- if it's something I wouldn't hang up on my wall, it's not something I'd give to someone to hang on theirs :] You take pride in your work. Nothing wrong with that!

Kelly Reece said...

I suppose that is what it is.... pride. I want to see your work! Ugly or not!! ;-)