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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Washington D.C. Weekend

What's great about having a 3 1/2 year old boy? He can drive 3 1/2 hours now. That gives us unlimited fun basically. Living in Virginia is awesome.
We have:
Cities: Richmond and D.C.,
Country: parts of Chesapeake, Farmville,
Beaches: Va Beach, Hatteras (NC)
Super Intellectual Sites like the University of Virginia and Washington D.C.
History: Jamestown, Colonial Williamsburg, Yorktown

I could go on and on... VA is just a freakin awesome place to live.

This weekend, we took on Washington D.C. It was the hottest weekend of the summer. 105 degree weather. So you will see lots and lots of my super sweaty family.
Let's Go!

First thing's first! The Metro... and the coolest part? Grady's first time in a "train". I was loving every minute of it. My boy, on a train, taking on the city life!

Putting his fare card in, like a pro.

His face seeing his first Metro train. Was he excited? Yes yes yes!!! Terry was too :-)

Was I excited? Yes, yes, yes!!!


You can just see the heat! Hey look! Boy Scouts!

It's like I'm touching it.... you know?! I'm such a goober, but it had to be done!

To the Smithsonian Natural History Museum

Dear God, finally, some AC! Hey look! Boy Scouts!

Grady spotted Dinosaurs immediately! RAWRRRRR!!!

Evolutionary Skeletons!

Yeah, this guy obviously had a bad night and is now featured in the new "crime scene" exhibit at the Smithsonian.

"Tracking the Past" of man over time. Hey look! Boy Scouts!

WHAT!! NO WAY!!! How is it possible??!! The worlds of two heterosexual life-mates collide for a sweaty embrace at the Smithsonian! No really, it was just an incredible coincidence.

Yay!!! It's Joanna, Brian, and Daniel!

Back to the exhibits! Hey look! Boy Scout Heads!

Grady said "Mommy, the Giraffe is licking a tree!". He was talking like crazy as he took everything in.

Fish Skeletons are the coolest. Swordfish!

"Mommy, there's Nemo and Dory!"

What? Our mouths are almost as big as Megaladon! Seriously.

Through heat, city, museums, and 3 year old's, my devil horns are still up.
Mission completed.

Until our next excellent, ultimate, D.C. excursion!!! Coming to you in the Fall!


Joasia said...

You guys are the most adorable fam-a-lam EVER.

Andddd that was the MOST INCREDIBLE COINCIDENCE EVER! I was so sick that weekend -- and still am, if not more sick, but getting to see you and the boys in the Smithsonian was totally worth it! Awesome shots, man!

PS: I love how upon meeting Daniel, Grady informed him, "I got a haircut!" He was excited to be there -- such a cutey :D

Michelle said...

Awesome! We went to D.C. for Ava's 4th birthday (in March) and she LOVED it. She wants to live there :-) Looks like Grady was a big fan, too!

Kelly Reece said...

Jo- what do you mean you were/are sick! What do you MEANNNNN???!

You can't call me b/c Grady thought my phone needed to be cleaned with water... so. It's. Dead.


basstardo said...

Your phone is fixed now, Mrs. 3GS. =/

DC was most excellent, indeed. My brain still feels like scrambled eggs though.

Damn it was hot.