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Friday, July 30, 2010

Ideas are Flowing

Finally, I'm feeling like my style is coming back to me. It's always so uplifting when you make something that you yourself don't want to take off, or hope won't sell. (hahah). It's okay, I'll be making several more of these with different beads and different colors of suede straps.
This dark dark brown strap has been adorned with pure silver diamond cube beads from Thailand. The clasp is pure silver hammered toggle. Strappy suede bracelets are so comfortable and match practically everything. This creative flow I've been feeling has been filled with thoughts of the dusty canyons, Native American flair, and bright bright colors against neutral warms and cools like brown, grey, black, and tan.
I'm relaxed with these thoughts. They don't feel daunting or out of place. Perhaps these creative thoughts are indeed my brain knowing my style and revealing it to me slowly, as I accept what it is I truly like. My choices, my smiles, my intentions. Following someone elses lead has never been fulfilling. My own heart, it seems, is able to fill itself with content.

1 comment:

Joasia said...

Theeeere you go, man :]
That's like an updated, comfortable version of the leather hardXcore cuffs that embody our heyday of metal shows and simply wanting to rock. And THAT bracelet you created captures that perfectly: ROCK...and comf. YES!