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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Alice and Justin

Alice and Justin are our extremely good friends. Alice and I connect on a very "I knew you before I knew you" kinda way. And Justin and Terry... well... they're both fisherman. Kayak fisherman at that. Their bromance bloomed instantly.

They asked me to make their wedding bands and I'm thrilled to have been apart of this truly real and loving couple. The three dots inside each band stand for "I love you". Not only do they resemble my maker's mark, but they were stamped by the other. Alice stamped Justin's ring, Justin stamped Alice's ring. They were very much a part of the process. I showed Justin how to make his ring and he did a fantastic job. These rings will forever mean more to them than something purchased from a store.


Michelle said...

That is the coolest idea ever! Beautiful rings!

Joanna said...

How cute are they?! And awesome rings! I love the stamp idea!

basstardo said...

Bromance? Srsly?