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Monday, June 21, 2010

To the Father's in my Family

1st: A father
2nd: A husband
3rd: A fisherman
4th: A Marine

He's dedicated, respected, loving, honest, and true. He's quiet around others, obnoxious at home. He's tough, he's rough, he's easy going, he's in love with me, and I'm honored because of it.

Father to: Grady

1st: A husband
2nd: A father
3rd: Spiritual
4th: Smart

He's an intellect, he's silly, he's full of love, he's full of tenderness. He's cries at Rudy every time, he's blunt, but forever there for you.

Father to: Jason, Krista, Kelly, John, Rita, Rachel

1st: A father
2nd: A husband
3rd: A guy's guy, a man's man
4th: Dedicated

He's the man who will never let you down. Ever. He'd run into battle with you if the odds of winning were zilch. He's determined, unconditionally loving and unconditionally loved. He may have even been a glorious General in his previous life.

Father to: Jessica, Alexis, Josh, Maddie, Jacob


Michelle said...

Yay! Your descriptions were on pointe! Loved it! Also, the photos were perfection.

amcnally000 said...

Thanks Kels. That meant alot to me on many levels.