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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Love and Scars

Getting very up close and personal here, I know. But bear with me if you would. You see, I have now not just one mark next to my right eye, but two! The bottom is a legitimate "beauty" mark I've had since a little girl.

The one right next to my eye is brand new. And there is a story involved.

Grady is home with me all day everyday now that school has let out, and finding things to do can get tricky on super duper hot 105 heat index days... so we went shopping. He got some cool toys at Barnes and Noble (they have cool toys) and one of them, was a remote controlled airplane.

We took this flying awesomeness out to a big field, and in the middle of that field is a cluster of "Lord of the Flies", "Lord of the Rings" types of woods. Just a massive interweaving super tightness of trees, tall grass, roots, ivy, all jumbled together like spaghetti.

Guess where the plane went?

Guess where mommy went?

Well, I couldn't help it! He loved that plane with all his heart already and man... we JUST bought it! So I literally climbed in the spaghetti. Terry was soooooo concerned that I would get poison ivy. I wasn't... sorta. After an hour, of looking for it, finding it, using a dog leash to smack it off the tree branch, using a fishing pole to help wiggle it off the tree branch, using a tree limb to THROW IT AT THE PLANE!!!!!! .....

I got it. And man, was I ever pleased with myself, because you know why?? Because I freakin did it!!!!!

Anyway, I walked out. And the only thing that hurt, was my eye. Well, last night, it was a tiny slit. Today, it seems to have taken a brown mark life of it's own. What has happened here?

And what about the perfect alignment with my original beauty mark. What are the calculating odds?! I'm befuddled. And I enjoy using that word.


basstardo said...

Befuddled is a great word. Almost as interesting as skulduggery.

I digress. I must say you're effin awesome for going in there. Poison ivy and I are mortal enemies. I look at it wrong and I'm covered in a rash for three weeks. So right on man. Man! Fight the power...err...ivy. Yeah.

Really...it was pretty badass that you got it. Great job Da Momma!

GraceThoughts81 said...

Hmm....I wonder if it will stay there...Grady better have been grateful ;)