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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Craving Cured

Sometimes, no matter your budget, or your household chores, or your demanding should do's, you should do...what you want the most. Terry and I are good at this.

We went to Hatteras for the day. It was unbelievably beautiful. Terry and I were in shock at the color of the water. It was a Caribbean blue at the shore line, green a bit further out, and royal blue out to sea.
Grady stayed busy the whole day. I boogie boarded, Terry kayaked. I couldn't believe the Atlantic Ocean was calmer than the water under the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel on the way out!
This year, for the first time, Grady went into the Ocean. It took, convincing, but, he got the courage. He jumped waves and smacked at the water. Once we drove off the beach he fell asleep from Hatteras Island to the north end of Nags Head. The exhaustion on his face was priceless. I should have snapped a shot.

Here he is dragging his boogie board through the surf. Although I was the only one who rode it. The waves were so calm I found myself catching the smallest breaks for a ride in. The ease of the wave was like a little kids ride. But I still put up my devil horns hand sign and walked back out for more "action".

And of course the beagles were troopers. Super. Beach. Troopers.


basstardo said...

I still can't believe how clear and blue that water was for Hatteras. I could see the bottom 400 yards off the beach while I was out in the kayak. Really cool.

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