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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Our Family is Complete

We got our 3rd beagle this weekend. She is an old girl, 8 years old. And unfortunately has been stuck in an animal shelter for over a year. She was adopted by another family but was then repossessed by the shelter when the new owners were not taking proper care of her. We first saw her at "Care - a - Lot" pet store up for adoption in January. I wanted her then but Terry wasn't on board. "We're here for fish, we don't need another dog." Okay okay, you're right I thought. But 2 weeks ago I saw her again for adoption. When I was told how long she had been at the shelter I said. "Okay, that's it. She's ours. I can't take it anymore". I came home and told Terry "we're getting this dog, that I can't take it anymore, you don't know how much it would mean to me.... that...."

"Okay, that's cool", he said.
"Oh. Okay Cool!!!!" and me being me, I cried, a bit.

For now, her name is Sassy. But we don't quite feel she is a "sassy". She's a "Lady" or a "Libby" or a "Lady Bug", but not Sassy. We're working on the name. It will come to us soon.

~ Update ~
The name finally came to us! Lil'bit!
So now we have Lil'bit, Tater and Beans.

Here's good ol' Tater. He's got two womerns now! I spelled womerns on purpose.

And of course. The original beagle that started it all. My massive "save the beagles" obsession. The smush. The fat. The stinky. The Beans.


basstardo said...

Nobody, and I mean nobody, can replace the Beans. That said, lil'bit is still a sweetheart. Tres beagles...lots of smushy fat and stinkiness!

Michelle said...

I love everything about this post - including Terry's comment. This blog post made my night! I'm so happy for Lil' Bit!