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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Finding My Style

Lately I've been experimenting with the "big and bold" style rings. I worked on this ring for 3 hours today. There is plenty of silver involved, which hikes the price up and once all was said and done, this ring would have sold for $133.

However, in my last blog post I talked about the simplicity of the jewelry I really like wearing. And this is not it. As much as I enjoy looking, and am in awe at some people's big, glamorous "HEY LOOK AT ME" rings... it's just not my style.

Needless to say this won't be going in the shop.
The motto of my shop is "alluring and wearable", and to be honest, this is not wearable. I mean, sure, you can wear it, but it's not comfortable, which is something I try to achieve in the pieces I make.

My style is much more subtle, natural, and again a "hint" of accessorizing to accent one's beauty, not take it over. So, you can look forward to a long and lengthy kellyreece shop full of nothing like what's above. I will break down this piece to get the stones back. Same with the one from the previous post.

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Joanna said...

Are you sure it's not comfortable? I dig it, man...I like the swirlies!