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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The 1950's and More Blue!

So much has happened this week! I can't wait to tell you! First, I made my largest jewelry piece to date on Tuesday. Here she is! Hemimorphite and her silver lining clouds. I adore the piece, the amount of love and work that went into it, I see it, and smile. The silver lining necklace will be listed in the shop tomorrow once I get some great pictures! Although I'm liking the white background. What do you think?

Terry took this picture. It's hard not to laugh when he's the photographer.

And finally. I've begun my first collection since I was 10 years old! I had a sticker collection back then. I was very into Lisa Frank, let me tell you. However! Now that I'm soon to be 28, it's only fitting that I begin to collect kitchenware. But not just ANY kitchenware. Vintage pyrex! I bought my first piece today and I'm just thrilled to have it! She's circa 1950's. I hope to have quite the collection after perusing thrift stores and yard sales! Anyway for $6, how can you beat it?! They're beautiful, tough, useful, vintage!


Joanna said...

You have a little shirt in French on, you cutey!

Btw, that piece is gorgeous...as is the vintage kitchenware!! What a neato-burrito idea!!

GraceThoughts81 said...

You look pretty in that picture! And of course...no I feel like I need a hobby and a collection as awesome as yours too :)

Joanna said...

P.S. Don't you dare grow your hair long -- it looks FANTASTIC at that length!! Just adorable!

basstardo said...

The necklace I dig...the cookware...not so much. Too reminiscent of Granny's kitchen, except we have far fewer cast iron pots and pans.