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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas and the House

I think the house always looks great during christmas, but this year... man oh man I tell you what! We're looking mighty fine with the NEW TV Terry got us for Christmas!!!!! We've been watching movies on my piddly dinky 26" I bought when I was 22 for the past 3 years. Now this whopper is 40"! And we have more room now that the TV is on the wall as opposed to sitting on the coffee table in the corner of the house.

I think Terry and I are finally starting to like having nice things in our home. For the first 3 years of marriage we were pretty sweet with the hand me down furniture and the cheapo appliance here and there. Did it work? Yes. Good,.. more money for OTHER THINGS!!! But ever since we got new desks... we started to understand how nice it was to have.... a big desk that can tolerate my work load and his school load. Needless to say these desks are still covered! But at least now the mess is spread out and not up, on the desks.

We've done quite a few upgrades, like the bathroom, and the roof... the living room looks great now, and Grady's room is adorable (except the painting, it's awful, Terry and I are not great room painters). So now I'd like to G-U-T the kitchen out entirely, and re-do our bedroom. After that, I think the house would show very well when it comes time to sell it.

But I'm really starting to like this house more and more and more with these upgrades. You start to have pride in the work you've done and sometimes, the idea of moving makes me a little sad. But the idea of a bigger house... well, I'm just fine with that in the long run : )

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Michelle said...

Gorgeous! Love that wall! Nice TV, Terry ;-)