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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Meet the Newest Member of our Family!

He's a "Lemon Beagle" from Rainbow Animal Rescue of Norfolk.  We were looking for a dog to be a companion for Beans.  After several searches, and a few meet and greets, we just weren't feeling it for any other dogs.  Finally, after going to petfinder.com, I saw what looked like Beans, in male form!  Chubby, smushy, always in search of da morsel...  I showed Terry his picture and he immediately said "I like him... a lot."  That moment we called the number, and to our luck found that he was still available for adoption.  The following day we met him at a Care - A - Lot Pet store in Va. Beach, and his mushyness was even better in person.  We immediately applied for "Cocoa Puff" (his former name), and were happily accepted even through the rigorous (rightly so!) standards of RoAR.  

Originally we were going to name him Frank, for Frank and Beans.  However, Frank seemed a bit harsh for his personality.  Terry and I threw a few other names around.  Suddenly Terry says "TATER!"  What else is good with beans?  Taters!!!  So Tater it is!!

Beans and Taters went for a walk tonight together.  They walk exactly the same, which is hilarious and adorable to witness.  They really bonded when we paused for a moment so Grady could take a break.  Out of no where a rabbit decided not to tempt fate any longer by being so close to two beagles and made a run for it.  This surprised me when an object started BOUNCING away and then, the hounds started to yelp and pull and YELP AND PULL!!!!!  Tater's got some strength!!!!  I really had to hang tight like a fisherman with a GREAT BIG FISH to keep ahold of them!  For at least 5 minutes, the two kept looking in search of that rascally rabbit, but alas, Mommy returned their focus to the walk.  The two seem to have grown closer after that.

We are so happy to have Tater!  He has finally found his forever home :)

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