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Monday, March 9, 2009

I Don't Miss My Bathroom...

In an attempt to up the value of our home, and to rid ourselves of the 50 year old bathroom we previously were bathing in, my husband is remodeling it.  He's spent the past 2 weekends, from morning til night working his ass off to make it easier on the eyes... yeah, we'll put it that way.  No, I'll go for it.  Our bathroom was HIDEOUS.  Blue tile, nasty old cast iron bathtub, cheap CHEAP sink and cabinet.  I remember when we viewed the house I thought, "well, the kitchen and the bathroom are hideous, but this house has potential."  With a two year old boy, finding a home in a decent neighborhood, close to my husband's work and my family AND had a nice big back yard for him to romp in was difficult to find.  However, when we stumbled apon this house I think Terry and I both knew, it wasn't perfect, but we could make it a home.  We're probably going to end up putting about $2000.00 into the bathroom, which isn't bad at all considering everything we've done. New EVERYTHING, except toilet, and all the labor my husband is doing, the tools he's needed to get it all done.  I'm so impressed with him as well.  He's never remodeled a bathroom, but his brain and Google collide and low and behold you have yourself a brand new bathroom.  I love that man.  

Anyway, I'll post progress pictures.  If you scroll down to Grady and the Sharpie post, you'll get an idea of what the bathroom used to look like.

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