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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Grady and the Sharpie

While I stepped away from Grady to do the dishes...  (he seemed content with "Thomas the Tank Engine")  this is what he got into.  His daddy's red sharpie.  I didn't know whether to laugh, or yell at him, or what!  All I said was "oh, my GOD, GRADY!!!!!", proceeded to take the sharpie away from him, look at the damage done to my desk, his daddy's desk, my office chair, his little yellow car...  I immediately put him the bath tub, and took a picture before plopping him in.  I decided not to yell at him b/c the damage had already been done, and quite frankly, I wasn't in there to stop him and tell him it wasn't the best idea he's had.  

This makes me thankful for having older than dirt furniture.  The damage Grady inflicts on our hand me down furniture really doesn't bother me.   And it's comforting to know that as he explores his surroundings, he's not going to feel like Mommy is more concerned about her furniture than her own son making mistakes from time to time.  

Grady has been talking a lot more lately.  He's been trying to say "thank you" but what we get is "guyou you".  He's trying, that's all that matters...  He's also repeating us, which he wasn't doing before hand.  Makes the effort of teaching him words much more fulfilling when you can see that he's interested, gets it, and wants to try himself.  

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