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Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Great Sigh of Relief!

It's been a week and a half since Grady's 2nd Birthday, and Terry and I braced ourselves for the truth of Grady's potential "delay".  His evaluation was today and he passed every test.  His expressive speech is slightly behind, he's at about a 21-24 month level, but the speech therapist said she was "not concerned".  I can't express in words how relieved I truly am.  Now just the audiology exam to make sure nothing is going on with his ears, and we're good to go!  

He had a wonderful birthday!  I think he was intimidated by all the people!  He decided to cope with the full house by hanging out in his room and drawing.  It was pretty interesting.  Presents everywhere, cake, family, ... but where's the birthday boy??...  drawing in his room on his bed.

Tori gave him a big hug!  Those two were inseparable!

And finally, he put his fingers in the candles... after mommy showed him where to blow out the candles by putting her finger quickly through them, he followed suit.  Well done Mommy!  IDIOT = ME!!!

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