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Monday, November 19, 2012


Winter is often a tough time for me and Terry.  We tend to super isolate ourselves and quite frankly, get a little SAD.  You know; "Seasonal Affective Disorder".  I don't even think this should be called a disorder.  So many people find it difficult to stay positive and upbeat on cold grey days with little daylight and noise. 

But honestly, this has gone on long enough!  3 months of the year I'm bummed and bored.  Suggesting 1/4 of my life is destined to be lame!  I cannot accept this as an inevitable beginning to my every new year! 

Today is November 19th.  The trees here have already reached their seasonal color peak and becoming bare.  Some are holding on to their color... but I fear one good strong wind will push that color saturation clean off.  Let's begin finding the beauty in Winter.