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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Grady's First Day of Kindergarten

There's something extremely awesome about my boy.  He already has a "Je ne sais pas" about him that's going to drive the girls wild and drive me BONKERS in the process. 

He went to Kindergarten today.  Everything was big boy about this morning.  He behaved super appropriately.  He even put on "big boy deodorant".  But through it all he was calm.  Not overly giddy or talkative, just cool and excited. 

I sit here at home, in the silence.  Thinking only on him.  My boys are my life.  They are so very awesome in my book that just BEING with them makes me happy.  I don't need anything special.  They are my bucket of joy and smiles.  Now I must go eight hours a day without them and it is I who needs to be strong. 

I can do this!  I just need a schedule.  Cleaning, jewelry making, walking, reading, cooking, blogging.  Those are my agenda plans.  I plan to chronicle all the good stuff.  Hopefully it will help me maintain productive days while my loves are building their lives. 

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