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Friday, June 8, 2012

How to feed and dress a man

I married a very particular breed of man.  He's solitary.  Brilliant.

Obsessed with reading and learning anything new he's not familiar with.

He's an angler through and through and through and through.  These men are not even "a man's man" kinda man.  There are plenty of men he doesn't like and boy howdy is he EVER willing to let you know.  A former Marine (adds in a dash of intimidating and crazy to the mix).  Mechanical above and beyond my wildest "Mr. Fix it" dreams.  He doesn't do crawl spaces, that's it.

Can you imagine him "shopping"?  Malls and a fishermen are on the endangered species list.

Do you think he's thinking about his clothes?  Not a chance in hell.

He insists I don't dress him, but really, his entire closet consists of clothes I've bought.  I wanted to convey the delicate balance that must be achieved in order to dress a man.  Because real men aren't thinking about what they wear, nor do they care.  But I wouldn't want it any other way.

Jeans must be tailor to the perfect length.  My huband is 6'10"   At better than trying Fake siginicant hugs, my head from laff aout of ht e==

So here's how you do it.  Buy it anyway.  You know exactly what will look good on him.  He does not.  Do not expect to receive praise when you've purchased clothes.  "You're a girl.  You've just wasted money again.  Take it back.  I don't like that color."  Just expect to receive this kind of commentary going into this and hopefully you'll have saved your delicate sensibilities.  They may not like what you've brought home strictly because it's not what he's familiar with it.  If you're able to pull a " I wanted to have you try them on before I bought em!  He'll fall for you, entirely.  There are two weeknesses in a man's heart.  Hi wife and his child.  He can sacrifice anything else in the grande scheme of everything else.

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