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Monday, May 28, 2012

Today I Rode Waves with my Son

Home just after the first beach visit of the year. Very happy lady here.

Yeah.  That's right.  And it was the coolest.  EVVVAAARRR!!!  No, really.  Okay.  Let me put it to you this way:  there's this scene in Finding Nemo when Marlin (the clown fish) asks Crush (the sea turtle) "But dude, how do you know when they're ready?"  Crush  says "I don't know man, but when they know, you'll know, ya know?  Awesome." 

I turned my back for one minute, (this is usually when children do either the coolest things or the naughtiest things... the back turned moment) and that G-dog is out past the breakers into the water jumping and kicking with all his might with every passing wave.  "HOLY SHIT!" honestly was my instinctual reaction.  Lovely, I know.

I got in with him immediately and asked him what he was doing in a very fun way because I was so proud.  SO PROUD.  He said "I wanna do it, Mom!  You just do this (he held his breath and puffed up his cheeks) and you do this (he squeezed his eyes shut) and that's all you have to do!!!" 

REALLY??  I HAD NO IDEA!  Try breathing out your nose underwater so your ears don't pop.  Let's do it!  We stayed in the water for an hour.  I eventually taught him how to duck dive.  And set him up to ride in his first wave...body surfing. 

Laughing at having my picture taken by Terry because it was taking so long...then it turned out nicely!

I wore myself out boogie boarding as well. 

And I made some jewelry this weekend.

Beaded Citrine Ring.

Kyanite Cluster Necklace

Forged Crest Earrings

Funny story.  You know what forged means?
It means HAMMERED. 

Let wiki tell you properly:  "Forging is a manufacturing process involving the shaping of metal using localized compressive forces."

This process is very annoying for 34 year old's and 5 year old's alike trying to watch a movie.  (I laugh on the inside.)

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