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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Thoughtful Morning and the Gallery

Today I woke up very early with a lot on my mind.  The good things and the worrisome things.  Camera at the ready I (as always) just began shooting my morning.  My very thoughtful morning.

PG tips tea from England.  I think I'm on day 4?? of no coffee. (yeah!)

Looking out the window.  Birds and squirrels are so very busy this early.  I watched them take care of business.

Normally I would never take a picture of my feet.  But really, they played a very present part in my morning.

Beans.  My constant companion.  No matter the time.  No matter the place.

As I said I thought about the birds and squirrels.  A very peaceful Beatrix Potter thought.  I managed to finally get a good picture of a bird!  A male cardinal.  They move quickly, rarely staying in one place for long.  I took this shot from inside my house.  Bird photographers are seriously talented!  I've been trying to take a picture of a bird since February...

I thought about my boys.  They're always on my mind.  Always between every other thought. I love them both so much!
Grilling steaks and frying potatoes.

I thought about art and Hatteras.
 I miss being able to truck down there at the drop of a hat.  Crazy how legislation can just stop anglers entirely from a long tradition past time of surf fishing.  No set group of people have a greater love and respect of that place than the locals and the anglers.   




I've been working on the presentation of my work for the gallery for about 5 days.  I thought about putting the pieces in the cabinet today hoping that the effort of the presentation I had worked on would best represent the effort I put into my work.

"Earring Tree" made from some branches in the back yard and dipped in the homemade candles I was making a few months ago.

Sapphires, turquoise and silver dangle on a white cloudy frame pasted on thick silver card stock.

The reverse sides:  their descriptions, my quirky side giving character to the jewelry, and their price.  :-)

Open window necklace frame.  The necklaces are hanging from tiny nails hammered into the top of the frame.  Each necklace has a "descriptive description" as well.

The rings are displayed on slices of wood and tufts of "moss",  cork board rounds and beautiful glass coasters with white cherry blossoms. 

Again, handmade with love.  So much love and attention.  The ties are actually small flat braid candle wicking.

In the end the cabinet held the first round of goodies with absolute ease.  I put only half of my work in just to see how it goes and as pieces/if pieces sell I'll have something to replace it with instantly.

I thought about getting a job and Grady's NASA Summer Camp that I want him to be able to go to more than I can express.  He's such a good boy and I want him to get out there and make friends, have friends, talk about friends, BE A FRIEND TO OTHERS. 

I found out today that I'm in still in the running for the photographer's assistant position :-) I am going to look into other photography opportunities as well.  Honestly I can't wait for something to come through where I'm bringing home a paycheck!

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