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Friday, May 18, 2012


When I like something I really commit.  It's like I'm incapable of thinking of anything else.  I plunge myself in so I can truly understand, even if it's the most awkward direction it's still a way of learning.   Right now it's been England.

English Sea Glass  

This is sea glass from the northern shores of England.  They look more like little robin eggs.  Gorgeous color.  The bid right now is at $40, she's going to sky rocket at the end I just know it!

Then there's this show


Hands down my favorite show of all time.  Terry and I watched one show and were hooked.  There's such good writing and acting.  Each show is one and half hours long, so you're basically watching a movie each time.  It's intense.

Princess Diana

She was so gorgeous and timeless and rich.  My god was she ever.  I've been reading my mom's book from the mid 90's.  She was rather spoiled as a child and knew, even then, that she wasn't meant for academics and boys.  She also knew she needed to keep a clean reputation and lifestyle because her future depended on it.  Seems as though she was a snob as a child with her status and once she got to the top, she realized she wanted nothing to do with it anymore.  As she got older, she strayed further and further away from being hoity toity and really devoted herself to those in need.  She's neat.

Even Grady is watching:-)

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