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Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Yeah, it's okay, I know.

I went AWOL.  I have a tendency to do that.  Those that know me best know that it's not personal.  I'll just sort of drop off the face of the earth because talking requires so much effort.  And as I get older I just don't seem to have the


I love those I love.  And my loyalty won't stray.  But damn if talking on the phone hasn't gotten to be nails on a chalkboard some days.  We all have our good days and our bad days.  For most women, talking on the phone is EXCELLENT!  One might venture to say SUPERB, even!  But that's not a way to vent for me.

My vent, is my husband.


Yes, he must endure this psychotic brain of MINE! (my eyes widened a bit)  He does it well.  He tolerates me quite well in fact.  I think only a few could really handle me.  That is why I have so few friends.  And the death of my cell phone has not been one of pain and sorrow for me.  But one of joy!  Texting is annoying.  That's right I said it!  It takes up so much time.

I sound so anti-social.  perhaps I am.


My index fingers hate me!

I burned the right and sawed through the left!
Those of you not familiar with a jewelers saw:

She looks all rusty and disgusting.  Yeah well, you stay in a garage for 4 years and let me see how you look!

Macro, if you will:

This is an s2 blade.  Blades range from 0 - 8.  0 cutting through 16 gauge sheet silver (thick). 8 cutting through 24 gauge and up (waaaafer thin).

So as I was sawing through simple 24 sheet with an s2, it was flying through!  I thought, EXCELLENT SPEED! Until it got to the end and with no effort at all the blade went right through my left hand stabilizing the sheet that my right hand was sawing through.



Sea glass gets me giddy, I don't know.

So there's that.  Weather here has been torrential.  We got a flash flood yesterday.

This is what filled up an hour after it had been down pouring.  And these aren't small glass jars.  These are the big.  3 cups, big!  One pint! (...I believe...) nope, wrong.  1.5 pints.

Today the weather looks like this:

And I block the bright muggy day, with a sawed finger.

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