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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Master Bedroom Redecorated

Before and a After ( I love these) 

Again, after you get used to living in junk, you sort of don't even see it.  After my marriage hiatus (that's what we'll call it).  Things went a little haywire.  We had junk everywhere and weren't sure quite where to put it.  You get used to living in it.  After awhile it starts to look like home.  Well yesterday I found a $50 king size quilt (unheard of) from TJ Maxx and just had to buy it.  The quilt took on it's on decor and I couldn't help but make the bedroom look nice just to appease to the quilt.  
So here's the before.  We lived this way for 6 months or so.


Momma went to work.  I decided to make our bedroom something to want to lay down in.  And why not.  Bedrooms should be a sanctuary!  This looks so inviting to me.  A mix of comfort, nature, pasily, photography, antiques, color, glass, modern, and light.  Lots of light.

Amazing to think its the same room.

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