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Monday, April 30, 2012

Arts on the Square


In Colonial Williamsburg, you can find some very unique crafts at the art shows.  But yesterday's was special.  This show only happens in the Spring and Fall.  To see work in person is, for me anyway, like my heart being squeezed for a moment.  If I don't like something my heart purges, a little.  MOVING ON!!!!

The Great White Whale

Primitive Jonah and the Whale

taken by thomas

taken by thomas

taken by thomas
 I wish I knew the name of this company, but I stupidly didn't grab their card :-/. Maybe I'll see them in Va. Beach in June

 A year of dried out veggies, paint, and a high price.  This is what you get.  
Cute bird houses.


There was plenty of art, but I was so much more interested in the crafts and the jewelry.  Yes, I was interested in jewelry.


 Let me introduce you to Lisa Latendress of 

She's a lovely lady, lovely organic jewelry.  If only I had the chance to get to know her more.  

Olney Originals.  The name is suiting.  His work is quite original.


And of course I took candid shots.  Posed shots, you're just a bunch of posers.

She too was a photographer.  She begged me not to take a shot, so while she was talking, I took a shot.

And she looks beautiful to me.

I can't take credit for this.  This a picture of a picture.


thomas said...

It was nice to meet you kelly, good luck with your photography and all your life endeavours

basstardo said...

I know the guy in the third and fourth pictures, although I can't remember his name or where I know him from. I think Cat might know him too.

Kelly Reece said...

You mean the guy who owns Three Point Designs with his wife? I would love to befriend them. They were so easy to talk to. Very encouraging as well.