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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Obsession Confession: Dogs & Trees

Photographed by Grady Reece

I think there are those of us who, like an autistic child, study and obsess, and talk talk talk talk about only a few subjects.  

As I age, my likes, concise.  

My husband is in Florida.  He has the travel bug.  I know this.  I think I would like to have the bug, but the truth is, I don't.  Terry will soak in the world, like water.  He adores the water, but will only stand in it knee deep.  He craves to know what is underneath, searching ever with line and sinker.  As he explores Kennedy Air Space Center learning something about the latest in security technology for N.A.S.A., I visit with my best friend and give her herbs in terra cotta pots, listen to 3 dogs barking playing/fighting, take pictures, edit pictures, dream about what I'll make in metal but never sit down and do it...

And tend to my plants.  Tomorrow I'll take pictures of my flowers in the front of the house, but today, the back yard, my fig tree (soon to become trees) and dogs.

Sandy (a.k.a. Beans)
She is my daughter.  My first true love.  

This is a really great photographing technique I learned from Pioneer Woman:  Let your arm drop and just let the shutter flood.  You get great shots and such a cool angle.


Fat. Lazy. Smart. Needy. Stinky. Chubby. Tubby.

Shadow (Ninja)

He's new to the family.  Very bossy, needy boy as well.  He likes to bark out his wants and needs, seems to have teen angst, and is learning the way of the Jedi Morsel.

He's also photogenic.

Photographed by Grady Reece

Photographed by Grady Reece

 First of many trees:  

Fig Tree

Fig Tree Pride


Lisa's Words said...

I loved this!! You not only rock the metal, but you rock the camera as well! And words....you have a knack I never knew! I hope you post more....

Kelly Reece said...

Lisa?! My sister?! WHAT??!!!! You read my blog my love?!!! DUDE! Where's your blog!!!!??? You must start immediately!