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Saturday, February 18, 2012

The House is a Rockin!

Grady working hard
But, we want people knockin so they'll come on in.  Our kitchen has been in the works for 3 months.  With only Terry working on it, it's been tough, so say the least.  But here, you will see plenty of photos as it has progressed.

Drill Baby, Drill!

High - Five Beginning

High Five Ending

We love each other.  Even with hard times.

And, we still know how to be gooberiffic!

Happy to be back together.

Look at the HOLE!  Plenty of these from all the rotted joists.  Pink face masks = manly.  Point blank.

I can still turn tomatoes...

Into AWESOME!  No kitchen does not mean crap food in MY house!

Oh boy oh boy oh boy!!!  The beginning of the wood being laid down!

Absolute chaos.  Horrid, no kitchen chaos.

Honey, I've got my camera, smile!!!  So handsome.

15 days later, look at him go go go!!

I stacked the wood according to length.  Trying to make it easier for him....

White doors and beautiful simple handles.  This may be the norm for some, but I was living in the 60's!  I'm happy to have beautiful doors!

Special piece cut outs.

The entire floor will be this color throughout the house.

The man.  The most handy tool set he bought for the flooring project.

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