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Sunday, October 9, 2011

"if you've come out of life with one good friend

...you've done well."
Richmond, shopping, beagles, and I may have gotten carried away with the camera... a touch.

Joanna, love of my life. (In the girl way)

Over exposed making her angel like.
Can we keep straight face??

No.  No we cannot.

Making tea makes her beautiful, it's that easy.

How about a cute hat way above our budgets?  Might as well rock it for 4 seconds.

Tater rocked it too.

Oh God the camera is on me?  What do I do?  Look down and bite my lip!  Yes!  That's it!

Blurry pictures always look better in black and white.


Peeling bark trees, strings of lights. smiles :)

Simplicity.  Necklaces like this are hard to find these days.

Tater took a nap in the bedding section. All that shopping and walking...fat beagles do their best to keep up.

I'm still considering the yellow beanie.  It may add a little cheer to the winter months.

1 comment:

Joasia said...

I can't believe that I can even appreciate my WRINKLES in pics of me you've taken!! Kel, you're truly a master of photography. I'm so glad we have these real pics--real pics of the everyday; they're awesome. And I think you shoulda bought Tater that hat--what a handsome devil!! xo