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Thursday, October 6, 2011


 Having a four and a half year old, I am very aware that being able to make choices are no small thing.  They are, in fact, what lets the body breathe.  Without option, without choice, we are limited to idea imagined by another.  

What an awful existence.  
I know too well the fear associated with following one's own true path, even if it is not shared with associates.  Silence or inner rejection fill the mind reminding you once again... you're not what they want.  Well who is "they"?  A collection of people.  I caught myself more often than not disapproving of their choices.  Makes creating and photographing one's self that much more exhilarating.  I'm not used to showing myself the way I see myself.  Blogging, as it turns out, happens to be a simple means of expressing what I consider me.  
Still Waters Necklace

Signature Curious Rabbit stamp with 3 dots
Calm Waters Necklace is reversable

Water Drop Ring

Ripple goes on and on...

Comfort, as always.

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