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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

cloud show

I believe the merging of summer and fall have made the clouds "show off" if you will.  Here in south east Virginia "Chesapeake" "Hampton Roads" our weather is off kilter.  It decides what it will, not the weather man.  So many times our weather predictions have been wrong.  Dead Wrong.

:::Enjoy the Cloud Show:::


:::Neptune Festival::::

Every year in Virginia Beach,  sand sculptors from around the world come to compete against one another in what I consider to be art at one of its most finicky of mediums.  Sculpting with sand.  The sculptor must embody patience.  These sculptures are based around the following:  Neptune (King of the sea), Fish, Space and Time, whirlpools, and a hint of infinity.  

Yes, this is all sand.  Incredible.

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