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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Etsy Transactions


This never gets old.  When something in your shop sells, it's such an elated feeling.  A keep going feeling.  A "I love this!!!" feeling.  You get an email from "Etsy Transactions" saying: Etsy order confirmation for $$$.  The brass convex and concave earrings are doing very very well.  Both have sold and been relisted.  The "Rock On" earrings sold in a week!!!  How freakin exciting is that!  I've done well this month!  Four sales in my jewelry shop!  That's really good considering the amount I've put up.  Six of the four items I've listed this month have sold. :-)  

The best part is, the workshop has come INSIDE the house.  No more sweaty soldering.  No more spiders crawling across my bench.  No more "Whoa! Whoa!  What's that??!!!...  feeling creeping up my arm.  The silver shipment comes in today, and what a doozy that will be.  It *should* last me a year.  Unless my shop kicks so much ass that I have to buy more and more.  And that's okay with me.  In fact.  I hope and pray and meditate that this wish does come true.  

Did I sound like a Disney ad just then?  Apparently that slogan stuck with me as a little girl: "A dream that you wish, will come truuuuuuue!!!!"

Thanks Cinderella. 

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