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Monday, July 18, 2011


Again, Joanna's B-day ring, finally pictured on HER hand! Kyanite.

Necklace 20" long, faceted ruby and sterling silver

Atoms set.  Similar settings to be added to the shop. 

Rock On!  in aqumarine

I suppose there are some perks to having your friend be a metal-smith, but Joanna is particularly spoiled.  After I made her ring, I made a similarly styled necklace.  It sat around afterward.  I can't tell you why I didn't list it.  Well, I gave it to her and now I'm certainly glad I did.  Those two were made for each other!

I'm calling it the "Atoms" set because it's of it's petite simplicity. 

Follow these are the rough aquamarine earrings.  So cool!  Just straight up rock!  I also have similar rocks in grossular garnet (green) and rubellite tourmaline (red).  I'm slowly but surely coming around to finding my style.  Not by searching endlessly online...but just by creating.  I've been drawing when I think of an idea and maybe one day I will come back to that.  But often times, when I just go out there and start working, an idea comes to me and usually it's just simple and easy. 

I like big bulky crazy designed jewelry.  I love to gawk at it... but to wear it?....not so much.  I've created big pieces and found them to be annoying.  They took away my attention way too often throughout the day.  

The small pieces, they are easy, manageable, wearable.  That's my thing.  Wearable.  I don't want to be reminded throughout the day "YOU'RE WEARING A HUGE RING!!!!!".  Doesn't really allow me to be present.  And let's face it, I don't need any more distractions than I already have.

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Joasia said...

Atoms set!! I love it! I just realized now, looking at those pics, that the set makes me think of little meteorites too. So cool.
And yes, I'm a spoiled little lady!! :D