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Sunday, July 17, 2011

29 Years Old!

I'm so old I need help blowing out the candles

My hubby times made me a CAKE!!!  It was soooooo chocolatey good!

Awesome artwork by Jo!!!  Must frame immediately!!

Chips and Dip = Good!!!!
 Recipe for Sausage Dip:

2 parts Cream Cheese
2 cans Rotel 1 hot 1 mild
Sausage cooked up and chopped up

Throw it all in crock pot till it simmers!

The man made me a cake.  With his hands!  Wrote out the words in ICING!

Gotta turn out the lights!


My wolf pack is awesome!

I had a great last minute birthday.  My wonderful friends (more like family) came to my house last minute to whamboozle me with love and good times.  I felt very grateful that evening.  Especially after the day I had.

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Joasia said...

I just realized, looking over these pics again, that your eyebrows look FANTASTIC.