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Friday, May 6, 2011

So Very Much to Share!

First, my new "Ombre Hair".  It was a trend last year, and since I'm awesome, I'm sporting it THIS year!

Dark on the top, light on the bottom.  

Did I mean to do this?  Yes I did!  And I love it!   I feel like I have a lion's mane to "manetain"... muuhahahahha.

Okay, so what else?!

Made a new killer ring!  
 I'm thinking of calling it Rip Current.  She's all sterling silver and chyroprase.  I enjoyed every second of this ring and really took my time.  3 days in the making.  

Thrift Store Finds and New Collection Starting!

Miniature Birdhouses??!!  YESSSS!!

I just thought these were adorable the minute I saw them!  How CUTE!  I've got them hanging in my kitchen.  Tiny miniature birds welcome!


Joasia said...

SO VERY BEACHY KEEN! I love the ombre look on you, Kel! It suits you mega-awesome!! You look fantas-beautiful! (it's a word, promise). And ohmygooodnessss tiny birdhouses...!! *headasplode*

Kelly Reece said...

Yay!!! I'm rad excited too!!!!